Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Kenn Moody Award (Best Scholastic and Community Effort)


The Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Kenn Moody Award is presented to the cadet who best completes the training program of their level, receiving the highest marks in the five key performance objectives: leadership, instructional technique, physical fitness, military values and community service.


Nominations for this award will be made by the Administration Officer based on the recorded marks for the cadets. The final decision on this award will be made by the staff in consultation with the squadron sponsorship committee.


The recipient’s name is engraved on a trophy and the recipient shall receive a keeper plaque.

Past Recipients

1983: Cpl M. Crook
1984: LAC Janzen
1985: Cdt B. Ward
1986: Cpl Martin
1987: Cpl M. Howard
1988: FSgt B. Buczkowski
1989: Cpl D. Becker
1990: LAC J. Zwart
1991: Cpl P. O’Brien
1992: Cpl J. Zwart and Cdt J. Gorham
1993: LAC A. Rowan
1994: LAC T. Tkaczyk
1995: LAC T. Tkaczyk
1996: LAC K. Tumath
1997: Cpl T. Skubel and LAC B. Klassen
1998: FSgt T. Tkaczyk
1999: Cpl R. Cooper
2000: Cdt A. Tureski
2001: LAC R. Cooper
2002: LAC W. Melnychuk
2003: LAC W. Melnychuk
2004: LAC M. Thiffault
2005: LAC M. Thiffault
2006: LAC Dingman
2007: LAC G. Holt
2008: Sgt W. MacPherson
2009: LAC E. Willms
2010: LAC M. Hendriks
2011: No Record
2012: FCpl Hanuschuk
2013: FSgt R. Lemoine
2014: FCpl G. Lett and Cpl R. Chikombero
2015: FCpl N. Zalepa
2016: FSgt S. Giansante and FCpl W. Couroux
2017: FCpl E. Nicolescu
2018: Sgt E. Lett
2019: WO2 S. Voogt
2020: Sgt E. Abt
2021: WO2 D. Bell
2022: FSgt E. Dau