Captain (Retired) Fred Kingsford Memorial Award (Leadership by Example)


The Captain (Retired) Fred Kingsford Memorial Award is presented to the cadet who sets the example for other cadets through leadership by example. Named after Captain (Retired) Fred Kingsford, former Commanding Officer of 186 Haida Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps. He will forever be remembered for his tireless dedication to the advancement of youth, showing by his own example, that you are never too old to lead. Presented by a member of the Thiffault Family.


Nominations for this award may be made by any cadet, member of the squadron staff, or member of the squadron sponsorship committee. The final decision on this award will be made by the staff in consultation with the squadron sponsorship committee and senior cadets. Cadets, members of staff, and members of the squadron sponsorship committee who have nominated a cadet shall recuse themselves from the final consideration process if they have submitted a nomination.


The recipient’s name is engraved on a trophy and the recipient shall receive a keeper plaque and a $50 bursary.

Past Recipients

1987: FSgt L. Cleveland
1988: Sgt M. Howard
1989: WO2 M. Howard
1990: Cpl D. Riss
1991: FSgt N. Siemens
1992: WO1 P. Palumbo
1993: WO2 N. Siemens
1994: WO1 N. Siemens
1995: WO2 M. Palumbo
1996: WO2 J. Gorham
1997: Sgt J. Wood
1998: Sgt G. Greatrix
1999: WO2 J. Tkackzyk
2000: WO1 J. Tkackzyk
2001: WO1 J. Treadwell
2002-2004: Not Awarded
2005: WO2 C. Syed
2006: WO2 Cooper
2007-2008: Not Awarded
2009: Sgt W. MacPherson
2010: FSgt J. Ruttan
2011: Sgt S. McMullen
2012: WO2 C. Hill
2013: WO1 J. Lisi
2014: WO2 M. Hendriks
2015: WO2 K. Chikombero
2016: WO2 G. Burland
2017: WO1 L. Lavoie
2018: FSgt S. Carbone
2019: FSgt E. Lett
2020: WO2 D. Bell
2021: Not Awarded
2022: Not Awarded
2023: WO2 S. Vidal