Barbara Agretto Memorial Trophy (Top Marksman)


Awarded to the cadet who achieves the highest score during squadron shooting and regional shooting competitions. Presented by the Range Safety Officer.


There is no nomination process for this award. The recipient is determined exclusively by shooting performance.


The recipient’s name is engraved on a trophy and the recipient shall receive a keeper plaque.

Past Recipients

1997: FSgt D. Crowthers
1998: FSgt D. Crowthers
1999: Cpl P. Stewart
2000: Sgt P. Stewart and Cpl B. Andersen
2001: Sgt B. Andersen
2002: Sgt B. Andersen
2003: LAC H. Friesen
2004: No Record
2005: Cpl M. Thiffault
2006: Sgt M. Thiffault
2007: Sgt D. Thompson
2008: FSgt D. Thompson
2009: FSgt D. Thompson
2010: FSgt W. MacPherson
2011: WO1 W. MacPherson
2012: FCpl. Kinaschuk
2013: FCpl N. DeLuca
2014: FSgt K. Chikombero
2015: Cpl C. Hendriks
2016: Sgt N. Zalepa and LAC S. Abt
2017: FSgt G. Lett
2018: Sgt E. Lett
2019: Sgt S. Abt
2020: WO1 E. Lett
2021: Not Awarded
2022: Not Awarded
2023: Not Awarded