Tag Day Guidelines

Responsibilities by Group

Squadron Sponsorship Committee (SSC)

  • Fill out tagging reconciliation form and put in tag box after cadet has been assigned shift by staff member;
  • Drive cadets to location;
  • Check on cadets during the shift by driving to visit each location; and
  • Open, sort and count tag boxes

Supervising Staff

  • Supervising staff will assign locations, partners and drivers for each shift to accommodate personalities, ranks and siblings.
  • Give cadets 30 minutes to do the following:
    • be assigned their location;
    • be given a tag box (with a tagging reconciliation form with their name on it inside the box);
    • be informed of their partner (ideally two (2) cadets per location, younger with older); and
    • be driven to their location
  • Ensure that the following is done before the cadets leave for their tagging location:
    • write the cadets’ names on the board beside the assigned location;
    • write the name of the driver beside both cadets;
    • ensure the driver can bring the cadets back at the end of the shift;
    • write the mobile phone number of the driver on the board, if available;
    • CHECK for VALID driver’s license and insurance before the driver leaves;
    • ask parents to sign in on the parent attendance sheet
    • make sure each cadet has the LHQ phone number (should be written on back of all boxes);
    • make sure each cadet understands that they are to be polite and non-confrontationa; and
    • make sure that the cadets know that, should they have a problem, they are to enter the nearest available business and ask nicely to call the Local Headquarters (LHQ)


  • Only SSC members, parents or staff are to drive cadets. There are to be NO exceptions to this rule. If there are no drivers available that meet these requirements, the cadets are NOT to be driven. They will wait for a staff member, sponsor or parent to drive them.


  • Staff members are on-site to meet the cadet supervision requirements of the event. They are not to be used as primary drivers. They are to remain at the LHQ in the case of an emergency with a cadet.
  • During the Shift:
    • One person is to do a driving visit to each location to check on the cadets.
    • At least one person must remain at the LHQ.


  • At no time should a single SSC member or staff member be left alone with the money;
  • Any money collected is to be locked prior to departure in the gun storage closet adjacent to supply – keys are #14 set in the key press;
  • No staff members, parents or any person other than SSC members are to count or sort the cash or empty the tag boxes
  • If there is only one person available to count the money then it should not be counted, instead stored and counted later when personnel are available


  • Print tagging reconciliation forms & stuff one in each tag box with the cadets name, location and shift filled in;
  • Print tagging location lists: master list on chalk board;
  • Keep completed tagging reconciliation forms separate and sorted according to shift;
  • record attendance per shift on schedule
  • record parent attendance on parent list (this is for a “thank you” at the end of the year banquet)

Remember to SMILE! We are doing this for the benefit of the squadron. It is worth the effort.