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Monday Night Training

Drill Team – 7-8pm – make sure you’re there! We need all hands on deck for our silent routine practice. Dress: civilian with parade boots and wedge.

Sports/Flight Club – 8-9pm

NATIONAL COURSE NARRATIVES: Please send them in for proof-reading – email Capt Palumbo:  All natiional course applications are due THIS WEDNESDAY night at the Mess Dinner. 

NOTL Christmas Parade – was a HUGE success! Special thanks to Mr. Ruttan for the use of his trailer for our float, to CI Thiffault and Mr Zalepa for float prep on Friday afternoon, and to Mr Hendriks for driving the float in the parade. Our Cadets looked FANTASTIC with their elf hats on – if you have photos please send them to Capt Palumbo.

MESS DINNER on Wednesday: do you still need a bowtie? Capt Palumbo has one left – $7 each, you can pay on Wed night. Check out the dress regulations here: C8. NO headdress (wedge), and YES wear your name tag. Meet at the Virgil Fire Hall on 1391 Concession 6 Rd in NOTL at 630pm. Dinner begins at 7pm. Cadets are asked to wait in the foyer – they will be formally asked to come into the dining area. Parent volunteers can go straight to the kitchen – dress is white top, black bottoms for serving.

As an FYI, Capt Palumbo will not be into the office this evening. Capt Lemoine will be on-site for any pertinent questions/concerns.

Drill Team, Sports, Effective Speaking & MRB

Don’t forget: Drill Team 7-8 pm (dress civilian with parade boots and wedge)

Sports 8-9pm

Effective Speaking 8-9pm

MRB (Merit Review Board) for our FSgts – 7pm start. Should be done by 930pm. Dress is C-1 no whites. We will be conducting them with 126 and 128 squadron cadets as well. Please be welcoming – candidates can wait in classroom #1. Interviews will be in the Sponsor Room.

Monday Night Activities

Tonight we have our standard: Drill Team practice 7-8pm and Sports 8-9pm. Both at the Squadron Headquarters (LHQ). Dress for both is civilian – with parade boots and wedge required for drill team. Running shoes required for sports. We need more people on the drill team – come on out!

We also have the senior cadets (WOII & FSgts) presenting a delegation to the Niagara On The Lake Town Council on behalf of 809 Squadron.  Please join me in wishing them all the best as they help to put 809 Squadron on the agenda of our Lord Mayor and Town Council. Dress for this is C-1 with medals. I will bring the medals with me for those who have not received them.


Reminder: Cadets are to join us for our first & mandatory Field Training Exercise (FTX) THIS wknd at Camp Wetaskiwin.

There will be a bus provided for our cadets. It will meet at the Sqn Office on Fri and return the cadets on Sunday. Timings will be announced on Wed. Senior cadets will be providing most of the instruction and leadership training this wknd. It is a required weekend for all cadets to complete their level. All meals, accommodations and transportation will be provided to your cadet for the duration of the FTX.

ADVANCE PARTY: will bring their FTX clothing/backpack/teaching items with them on WED NIGHT and leave them at the cadet office to be packed with the rest of the kit being brought out on Fri. Capt Palumbo will pick up ALL the senior cadets (who were at the meeting last Wed) from their respective High Schools on Fri afternoon, immediately following dismissal. Dinner will be provided for the ADVANCE PARTY ONLY.

All other cadets not a part of the advance tasking are required to have dinner before boarding the bus in NOTL.

Parents/Cadets: please use the KIT LIST here annex-c-fall-kit-list-2016 as a guide for what to bring this wknd. PLAN FOR THE WEATHER. We will be sleeping OUTSIDE in TENTS – pack accordingly. Currently, the forecast has us receiving between 15-20mm of rain on Sunday – we will train RAIN or SHINE (within reason – if at any time we need to leave the training site due to safety concerns, a post to this website will be made, and parents contacted about early arrival to the Cadet Office).

Capt Palumbo will have her cell phone with her for EMERGENCY use – 289-783-1942.





Don’t forget: sports tonight. 7-9pm. We need to practice so we can take on 62 Sqn next year. (We need to beat them next year at the NAG sports comp) 🙂

This will be our LAST Monday night for the training year.

TONIGHT: you can bring in any waivers missing for the Level 4,5,6 trip this wknd; return any kit issued over the annual wknd; exchange uniform parts for summer training needs (be issued additional ones as well).

DON”T FORGET: Parent Briefing Wednesday night (645pm) for any cadets attending summer training and the Cadet Squadron Commander Change of Command Parade (8pm) (followed by cake and pop)

NAG FTX 13-14-15 MAY 2016


It’s finally time for the NAG FTX 2016 – this wknd at Cave Springs Camp, Jordan.

BUS will depart from 809 Squadron at 1800hrs (6pm). You will need to arrive NLT 1745hrs (545pm).  Bus returns to Sqn on Sunday at 1600hrs (4pm).

Check the kit list above to make sure you have everything you need. Dress for the wknd is either FTU (as per the website under dress regs) or CIVILIAN. No mixing of the two.

Staff Cadet assignments will be handed out tonight.

If you plan to attend this wknd, SIGN UP tonight. DO NOT miss the list – and if you sign up, make sure you show up.

We are going to be having lots of fun – make sure you are prepared for full days of fun with your friends from 809 and all the other Niagara Air Group (NAG) units: 23 St Catharines, 62 Grimsby, 79 Port Colborne, 87 Welland, 126 Niagara Falls, 128 Thorold, 337 Fort Erie, 611 Dunnville.

We are the HOST unit for the weekend – so Senior Cadets, bring your “A” game.




Join us tomorrow night – Monday 14 Mar 16 at Parkway Lanes in St. Catharines for a night of bowling. 

Arrive between 6pm and 630pm. Dinner is included as well as 3 games, drinks and shoes. We’ll be done by 830pm-ish. Cadets are free.

Prediction: The Staff are going to win. Maybe not a perfect game, but we’ll see who the challengers are.


Return from NAG Sports Competition

The NAG Sports Competition is over and we’re on our way back to 809 Squadron HQ. ETA is 1750h (5:50pm), give or take a few minutes.

The cadets put in an excellent effort and showed exemplary sportsmanship, scoring second place in both handball and volleyball. They also scored 4th place in soccer – with one less player on the court!

In addition, our teams placed second for the overall competition. WOOHOO!

They have every reason to be as proud of themselves as we are of them.

Well done!