Niagara On The Lake Annual Christmas Parade – Saturday, December 10, 1000hrs

Good afternoon 809,

This year marks the 1st time since 2019 that we’ve been able to take part in the annual Niagara-On-The-Lake Christmas parade. Although not a mandatory event, we encourage maximum participation as this is an opportunity for the public to see us, something that doesn’t happen regularly.

Here are the particulars:
Where – 124 Branch Royal Canadian Legion – 410 King St, NOTL
When – 1000hrs until approx 1200hrs
OIC – Capt Lemoine
Dress – C3’s w/ Parka & Liner, gloves & wedge (bring toque with you just-in-case of cold weather)

Note: some cadets have expressed problems with their shirt and tie after the downpour back on Remembrance Day. If your shirt is not presentable, C3D would be acceptable (crewneck sweater instead of shirt and tie).

Lt Dan Couroux
809 Newark RCACS