Garrison Training Weekend – Sept 16-18 2022

Hello 809.   I hope you’re all having a great summer.

I’ve got some early, but exciting, news about training!

The 2022/23 training year will be starting off with a bang.   There will be a Niagara wide FTX training weekend during the weekend of September 16-18.     This FTX will include all cadet units in the Niagara area, not only Air, but also Army and Sea as well.    This will amount to about 400 cadets taking part.   There will be some cross training, so you’ll have an opportunity to participate in some activities only offered to the other services.    Transportation, food and training will be provided.    There is a limited number of sleeping bags and tents available, so we’re being asked to provide our own where we can.

This will be a mandatory training event.  All cadets and staff are being asked to attend.   Transportation, food and training will be provided.   Please make yourselves available and reply to me with your acknowledgement.

In closing, please respond to me by email indicating whether you have a sleeping bag or if you’ll be needing one.  CI Dau, can you verify the number of serviceable tents we have available?   I’d like to have your replies by 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday, August 10).    Send those emails to

I’m looking forward to hearing from each of you.