Weekly Routine Orders – Week of 23 May 2021

30 May 2021

RO Number

CO’s Message

Good afternoon!

This is the last publication of WROs for training year 2020/21. We made it through and have high hopes for a resumption of in-person training in September!

This week, we will be merging our traditional Awards Banquet, Annual Ceremonial Review, and SWO Change of Command into one event on our last training night this coming Wednesday. We’re doing something similar to our Virtual Mess Dinner in December, where we arrange to have dinner delivered to your home and conduct the event virtually. Were we meeting in-person for these events, we would be expecting family members as well as cadets to be in attendance. This year, the Squadron Sponsorship Committee is generously providing a large enough meal so that our cadets and their families can enjoy our end-of-year celebrations with their cadets.

Dinner is being delivered to your home. It is IMPORTANT that you fill in the Virtual Awards Banquet Form to indicate your attendance and any dietary restrictions NO LATER THAN 1900 (7:00pm) on Monday, 31 May. Failing to do so does not prevent you from attending, but you’ll be on your own for dinner.

If any of our cadets will not be attending the banquet on Wednesday, please let me know as soon as possible.

We’re relaxing the formality of the Awards Banquet as well, considering the medium. We would normally be in 1A (CAF) or C1A (cadets) for an event like this, but we’re going to stick to 3B (CAF) and C3F (cadets) for the virtual event.

See you on Wednesday!

Training Night
2 June 2021

Training Night Schedule
See the Events Calendar.

Registration for Virtual Events form.

Virtual Training Connection Information

Virtual Awards Banquet and Change of Command

Meet: https://meet.google.com/mqy-ceam-mwx

CAF Member Dress

Cadet Dress
C3F: Cdts, LACs, Cpls, FCpls
C3F: Sgts, FSgts, WO2s, and WO1

Duty Personnel
Duty Officer: Capt Lemoine

This Week’s Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
31 May 2021
Cooking Club Monday Google Meet Civilian WO1 Abt
2 Jun 2021
Virtual Awards Banquet and Change of Command
(Last Training Night Until September)
Wednesday Google Meet C3F Capt Lemoine

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS