Operations Order – NAG Sports Competition 2020

Good news!

It looks like the cadets at 126 Flying Lancers get to be picked up first, so our cadets can sleep in a few more minutes. The bus will be at 809 HQ at 0700 and not at 0630 as previously announced. 809 Newark cadets are to arrive at 809 HQ no later than 0645. We expect the bus to return to 809 HQ at 1900.

As discussed on Wednesday, cadets are to bring their health cards, a reusable water bottle, and something to occupy any free time they might find themselves with. Cadets who do not have their health cards will not be permitted to board the bus. This is a sports competition, so cadets should wear appropriate attire for an active day. 2Lt Nicolescu will be supervising, will have the squadron phone with her, and can be contacted if your cadet needs to be reached.

Capt Durward (CO of 611 Harvard and host of the competition this year) has provided the full operations order below.

Best of luck to all of our teams. I know you’ll do 809 proud!

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

1085-04 (CO)

27 Dec 2019

Dist List


Refs: A. Niagara Sports Competition Rules, Regulations and Forms (2018 Edition)

  1. Situation:
    1. To satisfy PO X03 and X05 at all training levels of the Canadian Cadet Organization, cadet units are to promote physical fitness, good leadership and citizenship, which also includes good sportsmanship.
  2. Mission:
    1. The Niagara Air Group of Squadrons will participate in a three (3) sport competition (Basketball, Volleyball and European Handball) which will encourage participation from all squadrons within the Niagara Area. This competition’s focus is based on promoting physical fitness and good sportsmanship and should not be based on only winning.
  3. Execution:
    1. This competition will be broken into three (3) phases:
      1. Phase 1 – Planning and pre-competition preparation;
      2. Phase 2 – Execution of competition and award ceremony; and
      3. Phase 3 – After-action and feedback.
    2. Groups and Taskings:
      1. 611 staff and SSC – plan and execute a safe and successful sports competition;
      2. Participating squadrons – participate in competition safely while respecting all other participants for the good of the CCO.
  4. Coordinating Instructions
    1. Timings
      1. Phase 1 – Completed NLT 24 Jan 2020;
      2. Phase 2 – Completed 8 Feb 2020; and
      3. Phase 3 – Completed NLT 14 Feb 2020.
    2. Routes
      1. Itinerary for the competition can be found in Annex A;
      2. directions and parking at CSS can be found at Annex B; and
      3. directions to West Haldimand General Hospital at Annex C.
    3. Nominal Rolls
      1. Each squadron will bring three nominal rolls for submission at registration desk:
        1. Nominal roll 1 is for registration of teams and attendance of cadets;
        2. Nominal roll 2 is for distribution and tracking of rations; and
        3. Nominal roll 3 is for is for individual squadron use.
  5. Service and Support
    1. Rations – Lunch will be requested from the detachment in the way of a catered meal. Lunch will be served at 1130 and 1200 in two groups. Please advise soonest of any dietary requirements or allergies.
    2. Canteen – Canteen will be open for snacks during the competition. Cadets are to bring their own spending money.
    3. Accommodations – The NAG sports competition shall be held at Cayuga Secondary School 8 Feb 20.
    4. Transport – cadets and escort officers are expected to make their own way to the venue for the competition. Individual units may request buses from the detachment or share buses to save on costs. Carpooling is recommended.
    5. Dress and Personal Equipment – each cadet should arrive in appropriate sporting apparel. This includes running shoes, shorts, and t-shirts. Profane or inappropriate slogans or images are unacceptable. Shirts should be of appropriate length to cover all body parts and shorts should sit properly on the waist. Personal equipment is the responsibility of the owner and the host squadron will not be responsible for lost clothing or personal items. Officers will wear appropriate squadron clothing or operational uniform.
    6. Emergency Procedures
      1. Fire Plan – in the event of a fire, all personnel will evacuate the building in the safest manner possible and congregate beside the high school in the attached parking lot in order to maintain the parade state. All doors should be closed behind. Safety is the priority.
      2. First Aid/Injury Plan – in the event of an injury first aid will be administered on site by a qualified and current first aider. If first aid will not suffice and there is a major injury, the personnel involved will be transported to the West Haldimand General Hospital 75 Parkview Rd, Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0. (905) 768-3311.
      3. Water – cadets should bring their own full water bottles to the competition. Water will be available on site as well.
      4. Smoking – is prohibited by all cadets. Adults who smoke will need to do so outside the building and out of the line of sight of the cadets.
      5. Visitors – will not be permitted on site.
      6. Medications – to be administered as necessary by the individual under the direction of squadron staff.
      7. Restricted Areas – cadets are not permitted in hallways passed locked door. Access is restricted to the upper level where two gyms and the cafeteria are located is located and the lower floor where the small gym and change rooms are located. A Staff only washroom is located on the upper floor next to the cafeteria. Any cadets found on the upper floors will be removed from the competition. Signs will be posted.
      8. Hygiene – is the responsibility of the individual.
  6. Command and Signals
    1. Command Structure
      1. OIC – Capt Scott Durward
      2. 2IC – Lt Merilee Bono
      3. First Aid – CI Eric Diamanti
      4. Cadet IC – WO1 Aaron Carte
      5. Cadet 2IC – FSgt Andrew Beauregard
    2. Contact Personnel
      1. Capt Scott Durward
      2. 2IC – Lt Merilee Bono
      3. First Aid – CI Eric Diamanti

SM Durward
Commanding Officer
611 Harvard Squadron
Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Annex A
Annex B
Annex C

Distribution List


CO 23 RC(Air)CS St. Catharines
CO 62 RC(Air)CS Grimsby
CO 79 RC(Air)CS Port Colborne
CO 87 RC(Air)CS Welland

CO 126 RC(Air)CS Niagara Falls
CO 128 RC(Air)CS Thorold
CO 337 RC(Air)CS Fort Erie
CO 809 RC(Air)CS Niagara-on-the-Lake

Administration – West Haldimand General Hospital


AdminO 611 Dunnville RCACS
TrgO 611 Dunnville RCACS
611 SSC Chair

1085-04 (CO)

27 Dec 19


8 Feb 20 (Saturday)

0700 – Advance party (611) arrives at CSS
0800 – Local squadrons arrive at CSS
0830 – Competition begins
1130 – First group has lunch
1200 – Second group has lunch
1600 – Competition ends
1600 – Awards ceremony
1630 – Local squadrons depart
1730 – 611 departs


27 Dec 19

MAP TO CAYUGA SECONDARY SCHOOL (70 Highway 54, Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0)

  1. All squadrons will arrive at Cayuga Secondary School and park vehicles in the parking lot past the main entrance;
  2. No vehicles can park in the OPP parking lot;
  3. Buses must park furthest from the door and park on the perimeter of the lot; and
  4. No vehicles may park in fire routes or in roundabout at front of the school.

    1. ANNEX C

      27 Dec 19

      MAP TO WEST HALDIMAND GENERAL HOSPITAL (75 Parkview Rd, Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0)