Community Volunteering Opportunity

Mr. Abt has asked me to post this call to action to all cadets and parents. We’re now in our summer stand-down period and so this will not be organized as a cadet activity. It is being presented as an individual volunteering opportunity to make a difference in your community and we encourage everyone to offer their time and effort wherever possible. Please contact Mr. Abt for further information.

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

A Call to Action

Friday, May 31st there was a town meeting at the community centre to inform residents of the impending impact of the Niagara Rivers rising water levels.

The presentation and information were excellent and the town is going to great measures to supplement their 2017 efforts to reduce shoreline erosion and the impact of high water on city services.

2019 is expected to see higher water levels than 2017 which is tremendously worrisome. While the towns response plan seems well thought out and implementation is ongoing to protect large areas of Old Town from flooding there is still a pocket of concern for residents.

The area of the greatest threat of personal property damage is also an area where the average age is very high. We are endeavouring to be a part of the solution and lend our hands in the effort. We would not be working for or with the town on major or critical infrastructure projects but we would like to make our hands available to some elderly residents for sandbagging their personal properties. This is not an “official” Air Cadet project, it is a strictly personal volunteer effort. That being said the newspapers are very interested in covering any activity we might have in supporting this effort.

We don’t need anything other than an indication of your willingness to help out at this time. We are organizing through the town office a list of residents that need help and will get in touch with our volunteer group to take action. The high water mark is expected to be hit by the middle of June 14-20th so the majority of our efforts would be focused in the next couple of weeks.

To join us please send me your preferred contact method and number of people in your household that are willing to help. Again this is a community self-help project (neighbours helping neighbours) so it is not limited to cadets…friends and families are certainly welcome to join.

With our best foot forward…

Cory Abt