Sherkston Shores Sky Fest 2018

There will always be those individuals in the world who think that jumping out of perfectly serviceable aircraft is a good idea. We don’t need to understand these people to respect the courage it takes to actually do it.

99 years ago in 1919, Frank Ellis became the very first person to parachute from an airplane over Canada, Crystal Beach to be specific.

In commemoration of this event, the┬áSherkston Shores Beach Resort and Campground will be holding Sky Fest 2018, featuring skydiving exhibitions, an appearance by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s WW2-era Douglas DC3 aircraft, and lots of summer activities.

The squadron isn’t doing anything specific for the event, but for those interested in going on their own, details can be found bellow.

J. Lemoine
CO 809 Newark RCACS

2018 Niagara Falls Sky Fest