Summer Training

Good morning.

I’ve attached the links to the Parent Briefing given on our last training day, along with the associated Joining Instructions for each Cadet Training Centre. I’m still working on finding detailed instructions for CTC Saint-Jean’s Advanced Aerospace Course, but the basics can be found in the linked Information Booklet for the Eastern Region. I will update everyone with more detailed information as soon as I have it.

Also, we’re expecting to receive movement instructions with specific dates and times over the next week. Nothing has been posted yet, but these will be transmitted as soon as they arrive.

Parent Briefing:

Parent Briefing – Summer Training 2018

Joining Instructions:

Blackdown 2018 JI
Trenton 2018 JI
Connaught 2018 JI
Staff and Staff Cadet 2018 JI

Eastern Region Information Booklet:

2018 Eastern Region CTC Information Booklet

J. Lemoine
CO 809 Newark RCACS