Canada’s Wonderland Trip Tomorrow!

Final details on the Canada’s Wonderland trip tomorrow!

Cadets should arrive in civilian dress no later than 0815h (8:15am) with the following updated kit list:

  • Health Card (Absolute must. You can’t go without it.)
  • Bag Lunch (Mark it with your name!)
  • 809 Ball Cap (optional)
  • Sunblock
  • Water Bottle
  • Bathing Suit and Towel (ThereĀ is a water park to be considered.)
  • Small Backpack

Cadets will travel in groups of at least two while at the park.

If you want to rent a locker for Splash Works, I’m told that it’s unreasonably expensive. ($15 minimum rental cost.) Recommendation is to travel in larger groups and take turns watching the backpacks to keep costs down.

OCdt Couroux and I will be the drivers/supervisors for the day. Expect to come and pick up your thoroughly exhausted cadet at 2130h (9:30pm) at 809 HQ. It’s going to be fun!

J. Lemoine
CO 809 Newark RCACS