March Break Activities (Update 2)


Tomorrow night’s event is at SkyZone in St. Catharines at 6:30pm and under the supervision of OCdt Couroux. I’ve just been informed that this is their “glow night” where participants are asked to wear a lot of white so that they glow in the blacklight. If you’ve got white stuff to wear, wear it.

Also, please don’t forget that parents MUST sign the online waiver before their cadet can participate.

Introduction to Curling

On Friday at 1400h (2:00pm) we will be at the St. Catharines Curling Club learning an iconic Canadian winter sport. This is a change from the original time booked, but we needed to go earlier to allow the ice technician to prepare the ice for the 1800h (6:00pm) group. If this represents any difficulty with respect to rides, please let me know and arrangements will be made to get you there and home.

We have two sheets of ice, which is enough for 16 people to play, but we only have six cadets and two supervisors signed up. There’s plenty of room for more, and even if you’re not into sports, it’s a lot of fun!