NAG Sports Competition – Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we’re off to the annual NAG Sports Competition. We will be competing in two of the sports: handball and soccer. We may be able to field a crew for volleyball, but that depends on scheduling.

All participating cadets are expected to arrive at the front doors of 809 Squadron HQ (REIA) at 0615 (6:15am) and a departure of 0630 (6:30am).

Pick-up will be from the same location at approximately 1730 (5:30pm).

Bring the following: HEALTH CARD (nobody boards the bus without one), water bottle, backpack to hold extra clothes (come dressed in your 809 Squadron t-shirt, shorts, socks and running shoes with long pants/sweater overtop), snack and any reading material, card game, &c to pass the time between games. Your belongings will be left unattended at times, so do NOT bring anything that you would not want to lose.

Parents are welcome to come and watch: we will be competing in Dunnville at the High School located at 110 Helena Street.

Lunch (pulled pork on a bun and salad) will be provided for all participants. There will be a canteen as well, so bring $5 for that if you want to partake.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning!