OCdt Couroux was doing some reading last week and discovered another 809 Squadron (nicknamed “Immortals”) from the UK Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm. 809 Naval Air Squadron was formed in 1941 and flew in World War II, the Cold War, and the Falklands War before being disbanded in 1982. They flew a number of planes while in service, including the Supermarine Seafire and the Blackburn Bucaneer.

The latest news is that they’re being re-activated and will stand up in 2023 to serve as the Royal Navy’s first F-35B squadron, based at RAF Marham when not deployed aboard one of the new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.

For those of our cadets who have one foot in the water and an eye to the skies, and you know who you are, we may have a little bit more tie to the seas than we thought.

Further information on 809 Naval Air Squadron can be found here: