Tagging Mar 31, Apr 1, 2

It’s that time of year again. Tagging is on this weekend all over NOTL. Make sure you are on time for your shift – wearing your uniform. You can decide (based on weather) if you want to wear your turtleneck or dress shirt with tie. Toques are also optional – but you must wear either a toque or a wedge. Parka is recommended.

SCHEDULE here: Tagging Apr 2017

Lunch will be provided for those cadets participating all day on Sat. ArriveĀ 5 mins before your shift time.

Staff will be on-site at the squadron to facilitate departure – but we need PARENT DRIVERS. Please have your parent come inside the office when you arrive if they are able to drive you out to your location. They will need to provide proof of valid drivers license and insurance.