Fish Fry @ Branch 124 Legion

Parents/Guardians: Please note that effective Jan 2017, 809 will no longer be officially supporting the Legion by providing cadets to work at the Fish Fry on Thursday evenings.

This is due to a change in supervision requirements from DND that we cannot meet.

We are happy to inform you that a parent of one of our cadets, Mr Cory Abt, has stepped forward to manage the volunteers for the Legion @ Fish Fry in the New Year. All parents are invited to submit names to him for inclusion in the volunteer list. There is no requirement for cadets to participate – it is entirely of your own initiative. Timings and expectations remain the same, but it will no longer be organized or supervised by 809 Squadron Staff/Sponsors, and as such is an event entirely outside of the cadet program.

We are delighted that Mr Abt has stepped forward to volunteer with the Legion so that their requirements for workers are still met. If you need further information, please contact the Commanding Officer.