Remembrance Week @ 809 Squadron

Each year 809 Squadron supports several local, community efforts to help our Veterans, Legion Members and Currently Serving Canadian Forces NCMs and Officers make Remembrance Day a true reflection of all we owe to those who have died in armed conflict across the world.

There are four main activities that we participate in the 7 days leading up to November 11:

  1. Poppy Sales: Saturday, 5 November 2016 10-12pm, 12-2pm (4 cadets) all spots filled
  2. Grace United Church Service: Sunday, 6 November 2016 service begins at 1030. Cadets are expected to arrive NLT 1015. Processional & Recessional carrying of flags, then seated for service. We need 4 cadets for this – please sign up ASAP – email or text 289-783-1942 with your cadets’ name)
  3. Remembrance Day Vigil: Cadets arrive on Thursday evening (regular cadet night timings – 630pm start) – arrive in CIVILIAN clothing, BRING UNIFORM – and stay overnight to begin the Cenotaph Guard of Honour at 7am. Cadets that are heading to their school to participate in Remembrance Day activities are still expected to join us for the overnight and to do a shift on the Cenotaph. They can be picked up by their parents by 830am. Can you donate a food item for the breakfast portion of the day? Mrs Mehrotra will be contacting you.
  4. Remembrance Day Parades: NOTL at the Clock Tower – 1045am. Guard of Honour, Colour Party for the Legion and Marching Unit. Queenston – 1245pm. Finishing with chili at the Legion. Cadets can be picked up by 230pm from the Legion on 410 King St NOTL.

Dress for each of these events is C-1 uniform. Wear the overcoat & liner if the temperature warrants it. Gloves and toque are also authorized.


  • Sleeping bag
  • air mattress
  • pyjamas
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • shaving kit (males)
  • hair accessories (females)
  • Complete uniform (C-1 + overcoat, gloves, toque)
  • Food & Activities are planned for your cadet – no music, book, snacks or I-anything are required