Rafting Trip

For the Senior Cadets attending the Rafting Trip this weekend.

Please visit http://www.owl-mkc.ca/owl/ and review the content under the Info menu.  This will give you an idea of what to pack.  Take note that we don’t have much room for luggage, so please pack as light as possible.

BRING YOUR PACKED KIT TO CADETS ON WEDNESDAY! That way you won’t have to lug everything to school on Friday.

Bug Spray and Sunscreen are probably two of the most critical items.

The temperature of the water this time of year is around 65 deg F.  Owl does offer the rental of wetsuits at the following costs:

  • Full Suit – $10
  • Jacket Only – $5

They also have a limited variety store on sight for snacks and such.


Logistical Points of Note

Departure from Niagara will be no later than 1:00PM

Muster Points and Pick up locations will be fully determined on Wednesday (though we expect to be able to pick most of you up from you respective school, we need to confirm).

Friday Lunch will be brown bag.

Friday Dinner will be own means.  We expect to stop at a service center along the way.

Sunday’s return will include lunch prior to departure and dinner by own means.  Depending on times we may or may not stop, but expect to return around 7:00PM (phone will be available for advance parental notification)


Watch the forecast closely.  It looks like it may be a little rainy.