Sqn ES Comp & CO’s Parade

Duty Officer
CI Lemoine

C1: All cadets

Squadron Effective Speaking Competition and CO’s Parade. We will start the evening with the ES Comp then move into the CO’s Parade. Parents are welcome to attend both. The top 2 cadets from the competition will advance to the NAG ES Comp on Sat 5 Mar 2016.

FOR THE PARKING LOT: Please remember to reduce speed when entering and exiting the parking lot. DO NOT drive on the grass area.  DO NOT pull through the paved area via the grass area. Parking spots are permitted along the edge of the grass (immediately adjacent to the paved surface), but not past the end of the concrete storage shed/benches.  Your patience is appreciated.

THIS COMING WEEKEND: we have both our WINTER FTX ANNEX C KIT LIST and the NAG MARKSMANSHIP COMPETITION. Make sure you are prepared for the FTX by reading the kit list above. The marksmanship competition is for the Range Team only. Capt Palumbo will be escorting the range team to and from the comp via the FTX – team members can participate in both. FTX Advanced Party: see Capt Palumbo on Wed night if you can make it (FSgt & up) – Fri 215pm pick up from school/home.