NAG Sports Competition

Please see the attached team list and bus information buscalluptrg605F (1) for expected attendance and travel details for Saturday’s Competition. The Warning Order/Rules for the Competition are here: Sports Comp Rules v 16 UPDATED and NAG Sports Comp Warning Order .  You must be logged in to see the attendance list.  Do NOT miss the day – we need everyone out to defend our 2nd place finish last year.

BRING YOUR ONTARIO HEALTH CARD. A photocopy/homemade card with the number is not acceptable.

TIMINGS: Sat, 30 Jan, 16 645am – meet at Sqn HQ Bus will be leaving at 7am. The bus is scheduled to leave the competition at 1630hrs (430pm) from Dunnville. That means we should be back in NOTL by 530pm. You can bring your cellphone to coordinate pick up from the Sqn with your parents/guardians at the end of the day.

DRESS: 809 t-shirt, sports shorts, running shoes. Pants & sweater (809 hoodie) to go over, and 809 Ball Cap. Capt Palumbo will be bringing a few extra shirts, make sure you have one. Email her with the size you need before Fri afternoon if yours needs to be replaced. Bring the $5 to the Sqn next week.

BRING: backpack with snack, water bottle, book/music something to do in between games. Make sure everything is labelled, and don’t bring anything that you would be devastated to lose.