Monday Sports, Wed CSC COC & Year End Trip

We are excited about our last week of Air Cadets for the 2014-2015 Training Year. Monday Night will be Sports from 7-9pm. Wednesday night is our Parent Summer Training Briefing and Cadet Squadron Commander (CSC) Change of Command (COC) Parade. We finish off the year with our Bruce Trail Hike and High Ropes Course at Balls Falls and Cave Springs Camp.

For the Year End Trip:

  1. All Level 3, 4, 5 cadets are expected to provide their own transportation to and from Ball’s Falls.
    1. Drop off NLT1930 Fri 5 June 2015
    2. Pick up NLT 1300 Sun 7 Jun 2015
  2. All Level 1, 2 cadets are expected to provide their own transportation to and from Cave Springs Camp
    1. Drop off NLT 1200 Sat 6 June 2015
    2. Pick up NLT 0900 Sun 7 Jun 2015


KIT LIST here: 809 Newark Year End Trip Kit List

Operations Order here: Op Order Year End Activity 809

Directions here: Balls Falls and Cave Springs

Timetable here: timetable ftx

This weekend will be a chance for everyone to finish the year with a fun, but challenging, experience. It will also be an opportunity for our cadets to make their own meals, navigate a trail using a compass and GPS, and put their tent & hoochie building skills to good use.  The trail hike will be approximately 3 hrs in duration on Sat and Sun. Cadets need to be well rested when they join us on Fri night, as well as hydrated – bring a 1L+ re-usable water bottle. Cadets need to understand that whatever they bring in, they must bring out, and carry it for the duration of the weekend. Backpacks only with kit – NO suitcases, hockey bags or other bags that cannot be carried on both shoulders through a densely wooded area for a long period of time.

Sign-up for the activity took place last Wednesday – there is still room if your cadet can attend. Please give your name to CI Ruttan on either Monday night or Wednesday at the parade.