Tagging Schedule

Sorry for the late arrival of this post – I’ve been out with Capt Jarrell & CI Lemoine doing a recce for an upcoming Cadet Training Exercise in June. Shhhhh, it’s a secret for now.

Here is the schedule for the TAGGING this weekend Tagging Schedule Apr 2015. Location assignments are subject to change – the Staff member working the chalk board at the Sqn office will assign/re-assign as they see fit.

PARENTS – if you are driving cadets, please show your VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE and PROOF OF INSURANCE to the Staff member before leaving with the cadets. They will also need your cell phone number. This is DND policy. Thank you.

CADETS: remember to smile and be polite. Dress is C-2 with PARKA as the wind is coooollllddd.