Cadet Cell Phones & Laptops

Effective immediately, all cadets will be required to surrender their device upon entering the building for the remainder of the night.

There is no reason for a cadet to have a cell phone out during classroom instruction, on the drill square, or during cadet training. All phone calls that need to be made can be done through the squadron telephone, or at the beginning or end of the night on the cellphone, before they arrive or after closing parade.  Laptops for classroom use are not required. Cadets need only to request one from the office and bring their relevant teaching material on a USB. If homework is a concern, consider missing the cadet night to complete your assignment in a distraction-free environment, managing your time differently, or prioritizing upcoming events.

Parents who need to contact their cadet during training are asked to use the cadet squadron office phone 905-468-7584, the Commanding Officer’s cellphone 289-783-1942, or email

If you have a question or concern about this policy, please contact the Commanding Officer during office hours Mon 7-9pm or Wed 615-930pm at the numbers/email listed above. Thank you for your understanding as we¬†endeavour to ensure your cadet’s experience is the best one possible.