Wednesday night is the Inter-Flight Sports Competition – to get us ready for the NAG competition on Sat.  DRESS: Sports gear. SQN T-shirt. running shoes (NO JEANS). Points are awarded to the flight who wins the most games – and go toward the TOP FLIGHT award at Annual.

We will be making squadron t-shirts for those of you who need a new one or who have outgrown it.  Bring $5 if you need one.

NAG SPORTS COMPETITION: We need 7-9 cadets per team for Saturday – that’s 27 cadets total that we can take.  We NEED your skills! Make sure you let us know if you can’t participate. Escort Officer for Sat: Capt Lemoine. Capt Palumbo will be refereeing Indoor Soccer & Capt Jarrell will be refereeing Hand Ball.  Parents: don’t forget you are welcome to attend and cheer!