Duke of Edinburgh Award

For those cadets who expressed interest last night, the following link provides further information on the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme.

Duke of Edinburgh Award – Ontario Division

In order to pay and register for the award programme, the following process needs to be followed:

  1. Pay on-line at the Duke of Edinburgh Award On-line Payment page.
    • Select that you would like to use the on-line record book;
    • Indicate your level:
      14 year old cadets should select Bronze,
      15 year old cadets should select Silver,
      and 16+ year old cadets should select Gold;
    • Provide “RCACS 809 Newark” as your group;
    • Pay the $30 registration fee via the provided PayPal link.
  2. Register on-line at the Duke of Edinburgh Award On-line Registration page.
    • Indicate that you are registering as a new award participant and continue;
    • Select your award unit:
      International Region: Americas,
      Country: Canada,
      Operating Authority: Ontario,
      Sub-operating Authority: Central Ontario (L Postal Code),
      Award Unit: RCACS 809 Newark;
    • Complete your registration by providing relevant details and consent on the next page. (In order to streamline the administrative overhead of this process as much as possible, parents/guardians should submit their consent via email.)

Interested cadets will be meeting with me briefly on Monday evening to discuss next steps.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to approach me directly.

Capt Lemoine