URGENT: Dress for Tonight

The following email communication was received this afternoon.
“Commanding Officers
We are sadly aware of the serious events which are still unfolding in Ottawa today.
As we each take seriously our collective responsibility to protect our cadets and staff from any real or apparent safety threats, all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of our Cadets and staff is our top priority at all times.
CO are advised that wearing of civilian dress by officers and cadets to local unit training is recommend for this evening.  If as CO you believe it is in the unit’s best interest to cancel parade night, the Det will support your decision.
The Det is holding off on the institutional response until we get HHQ direction, but that does not preclude local decision-making. I expect we will have that HHQ direction imminently.”
Maj Sainsbury, Det London Commander
  • DRESS FOR THIS EVENING will be CIVILIAN. If you have black pants, white shirt & a tie – this is the best option. Otherwise, clean dress/khaki pants/dark jeans and a collared shirt and tie is required. 

Training will continue as planned until further direction is received. A minute of silence for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24 will be held as part of our closing parade. Parents are welcome to join us.