Wed Night Trg & Field Training Exercise


Duty Officer 

CV Ruttan

Duty NCM

FCpl Stearns

Canteen NCM

FCpl Lemoine

  • Dress
    New Recruits: white shirt, black pants, tie OR C-3 Routine Training Dress (Check the dress regulations under NUMBERED ORDERS OF DRESS on the website)LAC, Cpl, FCpl: C-3

    Sgt, FSgt, WOII: C-2


KIT LIST ANNEX C KIT LIST FALL FTX amended ** kit list has been updated please check!!

TIMINGS: please read carefully. Only cadets on the Advanced Party are authorized to be on-site prior to 7pm on Fri.  Bring your cadet into the parking lot, then over the bridge and to the RIGHT to the POTLATCH. Make sure they are checked in with an Officer from 809 Sqn before leaving.

  • Fri 7pm DROP-OFF  at Wetaskiwin Scout Camp in St. Catharines
  • Sun 2pm PICK-UP at Wetaskiwin Scout Camp

DRESS: civilian appropriate to weather; olive drab combat clothing with air cadet uniform ranks, blue beret and combat boots (own purchase and optional); OFFICERS: CADPAT

PARENTS: the cadets and staff always love to have some treats from home while we are out in the field – if you can contribute to the cause please feel free to bring brownies, cookies, timbits, or any other dessert you love to bake or buy (nut free please!). Capt Palumbo loves anything with chocolate. 😉