March Break Trip to Washington!

Join us for a trip to Washington, DC in the USA for March Break 2015.  Site visits anticipated: Pentagon, White House, Korean War Memorial, Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, and more!

DATES: Sun 15 – Thurs 19 Mar 15

COST: $500 per cadet

DETAILS: We will be applying to our local Cadet Detachment for permission to make this trip. We need numbers of cadets attending by NEXT WED 8 Oct 14!!!! Cadets will be accommodated in 4 person hotel rooms with breakfast included. Lunch & Dinner will be purchased as we travel (included in cost).  Travel will be by mini-van. PROPER ID will be required for your cadet to cross the border. OIC of the trip will be Capt Lemoine, with Mr. Ruttan, CI Ruttan and one other staff/sponsor member TBD providing the supervision.

This will be discussed at the March Break Trip mtg on WED 5 Nov 15. 

DEPOSIT SCHEDULE: $125.00 by 5 Nov to guarantee your spot; $125 each 1st Wed of the month for Dec, Jan & Feb.

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: This trip is optional.  All cheques will be cashed and the money held until the trip is guaranteed from the Detachment. If, unfortunately, they do not approve our travel, all money will be returned asap.