Here is the most up-to-date version. Please review and send me an email if you need to change your shift or add another on Sat afternoon. Tag-Day-Sig-Up-URGENT2

We still have 5 spots open to fill on Sat afternoon –  1 at the Pen Centre Shopper’s Drug Mart & the rest at NOTL/Virgil locations. While every cadet has signed-up for one shift, only 1 cadet has signed-up for 2.  The remaining 5 spots would need to be filled by cadets who can do a second. Please consider filling them: the more locations we tag, the more $ we have for training. Thank you in advance.

PARENTS: don’t forget that we need parents to drive cadets out to locations for tagging in NOTL/Virgil. Give your name when you arrive at the squadron.