We need more cadets for our Tagging this wknd. Specifically, we need 7 more for Sat afternoon both in NOTL/Virgil and Pen Centre St. Catharines. Each cadet is required to do at least one shift, if they sign up for both on Sat we will provide lunch AND they receive another ballet towards the Top Fundraiser award.

EMAIL CAPT PALUMBO tammypalumbo@yahoo.ca to change your sign-up or to add another one on Sat afternoon.

THANK YOU in advance – we appreciate that this is a busy time of year.

Parents: please remember that Tagging is one of our essential fundraising opportunities. We use the money raised to pay for our facilities, trg activites and extra flying.


Fri: 6-830pm

Sat: 830am-1230pm & 12-4pm

Sun: 12-4pm

DRESS: C-3 with overcoat and toque and gloves – wear warm underclothes!!